Lumina Learning creates innovative psychometrics and qualifies and maintains a global network of practitioners who specialize in organizational change and long-term improvement. By taking a humanistic approach and viewing people as “human beings” rather than “human doings” Lumina Learning practitioners can help organizations transform their performance by transforming their people. We are passionate about improving personal effectiveness at all levels within organizations.

Lumina Learning’s products will help you bring about superior results through inspiring and engaging your people. Lumina Learning is single minded in its aim to fully equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to drive the success of your organization.

The Lumina Spark model is the result of years of research combining expert knowledge
with human integrity, building on precisely what works and eliminating what does not in a psychometric assessment for businesses. Our framework aids self-understanding and rapport-building in a way that is authentic and practical yet easily customizable to suit
your needs and values.

With Lumina Learning your organization can:
• Develop a pipeline of transformational leaders
• Better manage staff and create high performing teams, build their sales
capability and sell more strategically
• Dramatically improve productivity and personal effectiveness at all levels
• Attract and retain high potential talent

Lumina Learning will drive sustainable improvement in bottom-line performance and profitability through practical people development at all levels.

The Importance of the Workforce


We look at 4 Domains that are
specific to human performance.
What makes us different is that
we use a structured implementation
process designed to deliver your
solutions in each Domain through a
systems approach using Organizational
Dialogue and Value Alignment.

Our focus on areas of challenge
and opportunity for organizations:

    • Diversity
    • Culture by Design
    • Sales Development
    • Organizational Well Being
    • Performance Transformation
    • Cultivating the Leaders of Leaders
    • Attraction and Retention of High Potentials
    • Sparking and Sustaining the Spirit of Innovation

Lumina Learning has the next generation of psychometric tools to address the current needs of individuals and organizations.

lumina_quoteLumina Spark: A highly interactive and engaging experience in which learners gain self- awareness of their behaviors,traits, personality preferences and communication style. Providing a colorful framework, Spark is unique in that it is based on measuring polar opposite qualities independently giving learners a deeper, more accurate analysis of the complexity of human behavior, offering people a strategy in how to improve their working relationships with others. Based on the most recent research on personality assessment, Spark has solid and proven statistical validity making it the modern psychometric tool of choice.

Lumina Leader: People can be leaders in title but not display the attributes of leadership, conversely there are those who do not have titles, but do express leadership qualities. Lumina Leader encompasses traits of both leadership theory and principles and is underpinned with specific behavior qualities that reflect the use of those leadership traits. Everyone has their own unique leadership style but there will be times when highly effective leaders must adjust their style to suit the situation at hand and the people involved. Lumina Leader can be used with high potentials and established leaders, as a self- analysis or a 360 assessment.

Lumina Sales: Sales is the heartbeat of any business. It may be direct, consultative, technical, indirect, external or internal, but understanding people and being able to influence them is a crucial skill. Lumina Sales identifies the sales behaviors of the individual and ties that behavior to a six step sales cycle and six step buyer’s cycle, so that the sales professional understands how their behavior is effecting both the selling and the buying process. This unique approach is key in identifying the areas of strength and opportunities for development for each individual sales person whether they are new or highly experienced, providing an individualized approach to developing your sales team.

Lumina Life: An organizational health and wellness assessment, Lumina Life measures the individual respondent’s level of health and wellness as well as the health of the organization itself. The analysis of this tool gives an organization a summary of the level of their employee engagement, employee satisfaction, employee health and wellness. An organization will also understand the level to which it supports the professional and personal development of its people.

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