PME Electronic Templates

Use these electronic templates (with editable PDF form fields) to help you complete a stakeholder analysis, project scope statement and communication plan. A meeting planner and checklists are also provided to help you keep track of your project. Downloadable as a multi-page PDF or individually below.

Cool Stuff

White Papers

Project Management for Everyone (a non-technical approach)
Learn why a non-technical approach for project management is needed for all levels of an organization, and why an effective process is beneficial for everyone. Originally published as a part of 2010 PMI Global Congress Proceedings – Washington, DC.

Project Diversity: Disaster or Dynamic
Read why diversity is more than just a way to expose one’s team to different points of view, but also a proven, effective way to achieve more creative and better results. Originally published as a part of 2011 PMI Global Congress Proceedings – Dallas, TX.

Mind Mapping Software

MindView Mind Mapping Software
MatchWare’s MindView 5 Business is a professional Mind Mapping software application that allows users to brainstorm and visualize ideas quickly and easily. MindView 5 Business makes meetings more productive, accelerates project planning and helps turn ideas into action faster than ever before.

MindView PME Guide

Reading Lists

A great source of reading material covering topics like communication, innovation/creativity, management, teams, etc.


Inspirational and entertaining quotes for though-starters and ice breakers.

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