Course Description

To be successful in this ultracompetitive business environment it is critical to organize your teams in a way that will help them meet and exceed client and customer expectations. This course offers practical insights, processes and tools to help teams work together to maximize efficiency and create a more seamless client/customer experience.

Who Should Attend

Breaking Barriers Building Teams is designed for leaders, managers and individual contributors looking for better ways to leverage professional knowledge, influence people and more effectively manage processes in cross-functional teams.

What You Will Learn

  • Gain a clear understanding of how a group becomes a unified, high-performing team
  • Increase buy-in from team members and stakeholders by leveraging the connection between trust, conflict, and accountability
  • Leverage the Orchestrate Model as a framework to navigate through critical conversations
  • Learn to positively influence those who do not directly report to you, including, clients, team members, other stakeholders
  • Develop the specific practical tools to enable and environment where the individual is empowered to drive a greater team impact
Breaking Barriers – Building Teams
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Customize Your Experience: Program Topic Choices

The Lumina Assessment

Understanding Self and Others

  •  Experience a highly interactive individualized psychometric profile tool called a Lumina Portrait. Lumina does not label people or put them in a box, i.e. Trait not Type
  •  Measure the level to which each individual has opposite, competing and contradictory aspects of their personality, called Embracing the Paradox
  •  Measure three unique yet integrated views of each person: (3 Personas) – the Underlying you, the Everyday you and the Overextended you
  •  Develop practical language to create a set of ideas that people remember and can apply for years to come, called Simplicity and Depth
Change Management

Change Management

  • Achieve optimal outcomes through a paradigm shift and behavioral change leveraging the Orchestrate Change Model TM
  • Embrace the phases of change from fight or flight, to tolerance, acceptance, valuing and ultimately celebration
  • Identify behaviors and attitudes in each stage of change and the required steps to move through the phases
  • Discern the difference between reactivity versus ownership
Setting Expectations

Achieve Results: Four Critical Factors

  • Build trust and honor the trust continuum
  • Provide the environment for discussion and clarity
  • Summarize and document for mutual accountability
  • Follow through and provide consistent feedback – Trust and Verify
Leadership / Management Essentials

Leadership / Management Essentials

  • Discover the essential mindset and skillset of a leader and manager
  • Determine and prioritize areas of focus for the individual perspective as well as the managerial perspective
  • Engage in a highly interactive and fun activity that highlights the difference between competition and collaboration
  • Create your own personal vision of leadership based on team and organizational dynamics and objectives
Team Communication / Critical Conversations

Critical Conversations

  • Diagnose before prescription: qualifying – clarifying – confirming
  • Understand and practice the art of active listening
  • Respond to resistance with the right intent
  • Align and seek agreement for next steps
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